Camden are carrying out a range of works at Chancellors Court, Babington Court and Devonshire Court to include: 

  • Upgrading your communal heating
  • Better Homes repairs and decorations 
  • Regeneration works

Upgrading your Communal Heating

From: May 2021
Until: around August 2021

Who to contact

Your heating works contractors are G&D Higgins. Your Resident Liaison Officer (RLO) is Andre Ferreira. Contact him by phone on 020 8863 0003, or visit him at the site office in the courtyard between Springwater, Richbell, and Boswell House.

Your heating works project manager is James Wainwright. Contact him by phone on 07970 908950 or by email at

What to expect

Construction has now started on the first part of the works at Tybalds - heating upgrades to provide a more efficient and energy saving communal heating system for this part of the estate.  

We are replacing the main boiler house under Springwater with a new one, and removing the boiler room under Boswell House. The new boiler house will serve all 6 blocks listed above. At the moment these blocks are being served by temporary boilers, and we will be replacing them with high efficiency condensing boilers. These will provide more consistent heating and hot water supply for all the flats.

The works are only in the boiler house and we won’t need access into your individual homes.

Noise disruption

There won’t be any noisy works going on at Chancellors Court, Babington Court, or Devonshire Court at this stage. You might hear the works at Boswell House, Richbell, and Springwater though, between 9am-4pm Monday-Friday until around 09 July. The noise will include drilling and welding sounds as we demolish the old pipework and construct the new pipework at Boswell House, Richbell, and Springwater.

What's next?

We have written to all Tybalds residents about a meeting to introduce your contractors and your project manager, where you will be able to ask any questions you have.

Better Homes Repairs and Decorations

From: around August 2021
Until: spring 2023 (estimated)

Who to contact

Your external and communal repairs and decorations project manager is Fiona Joseph. Contact her by phone on 07785 520939, or by email at

What to expect

These works should take around 72 weeks in total, and will happen in 3 phases. Chancellors Court, Babington Court, and Devonshire Court are in phase 3 so works will not be starting until after August 2021. We will contact all residents and update this page with start dates in good time before the works.

We will write to all residents individually in June, and we will explain what specific works we are proposing in each block.

What's next?

The Section 20 consultation with leaseholders is starting at the end of May or early June. This can take between 4 and 8 weeks.

After this we will award the contract and arrange a meeting to introduce the contractor to you, explain the works, and answer your questions.

Regeneration Works

Who to contact

Your regeneration project manager is Julia Farr. Contact her by phone on 07747 793987, or by email at

What to expect

There will be a separate newsletter to explain all about the regeneration works. The first one will be towards the end of June.

What’s next?

The regeneration scheme is going to be submitted for planning approval in May or June. There will be more information in the separate newsletter.