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Certificates for planning applications

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Certificates for planning applications

Certificates of ownership and agricultural holdings must be sent with all planning applications.

The information below provides further details about:

  • each type of certificate
  • what type of certificate should be included with your application
  • how to submit them to us
  • where further information can be found.

What are certificates of ownership and agricultural holdings?

There are two types of certificates that should be sent with all applications:

  • a certificate of ownership. This certificate is not required for:
    • applications for the approval of reserved matters
    • removal or variation of conditions
    • consent to work on a tree subject to a Tree Preservation Order
    • advertisement consent.
  • an agricultural holdings certificate
    • this certificate states whether or not the site includes an agricultural holding.

What certificate should I include with my application?

The type of certificate of ownership that you should include with your application will depend on your situation:

On all application types - sign and date section A of the agricultural holdings certificate.

How do I submit certificates?

If you apply for planning permission online using the Planning Portal, you will be given the opportunity to upload your certificates. This is after you have completed the relevant application forms.

Before uploading any files, please read our guidance notes for submitting electronic files with planning applications (PDF).

If you choose to submit a paper-based application instead, you will need to provide:

4 copies of the statement
4 copies of the relevant application forms.

Where can I find out further information?

For further information on preparing and submitting certificates, please contact the planning advice and information service.