Do I need planning permission?

CCTV Cameras

You must apply for full planning permission to install, change or replace a CCTV camera if:

  • it will be positioned on a listed building
  • its dimensions will be greater than 75cm x 25cm x 25cm (including its housing)
  • it will be positioned less than 2.5m from the ground
  • it will protrude more than 1m from the wall
  • it will be in contact with the surface of the building. This is at a point which is more than 1m from any other point of contact
  • it will be less than 10m from another camera on the property
  • more than four cameras will be attached to the same side of the property in total
  • more than 16 cameras will be attached to the whole property in total.

If the property is a listed building, you must apply for listed building consent to do this.

Security lights

Generally, you will not need to apply for planning permission to install, change or replace a security light. This is if the light fitting is small and doesn't change the look of the outside of the building.

If the property is a listed building, you must apply for listed building consent to install, change or replace one.

Siting and design

We want CCTV cameras and security lights to be placed so they are as unnoticed as possible. This is whether planning permission is needed or not. The aim is to reduce their effect on the look of the outside of the property and the area.  They should also be removed as soon as they are no longer needed.

Can I get confirmation that I do not need planning permission?

Apply for a Lawful Development Certificate to prove that a CCTV camera or security light is lawful. This is both for existing and proposed items.

Am I likely to get planning permission?

To find out whether your proposal is likely to be accepted, you can apply for pre-planning application advice.

How do I apply?

You can apply via the national planning portal. To find out what information is required with your application, see making a planning application.

Still not sure whether you need planning permission?

If you need further advice about whether you need planning permission, contact planning advice and information.