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News and updates

18 January 2018: Contractor selected

We’re now one step closer towards beginning construction on one of the West End’s biggest transformations after the preferred contractor to carry out the highways reconfiguration works has been selected. This is a key milestone for the project.

You can read our press release about this here

5th March 2018: Project works get underway

On Monday 5th March the exciting transformations get underway as work starts on the ground. Our contractors Eurovia will be starting with some initial works on Tottenham Court Road, Gower Street and Princes Circus. This include:
·    Removing pedestrian barriers and traffic signal poles
·    Removing and conserving historic street lamp posts along Tottenham Court Road
·    New granite paving laid on New Oxford Street around Centre Point
·    Digging trial holes to investigate road structure across the project area
·    Basement surveys

 19th March 2018: Traffic updates

Week of the 19th March: will be removing traffic signals and installing temporary signals at locations along Tottenham Court Road. This includes: the junction of Capper Street and Howland Street, near Grafton Way and Beaumont Place. This will include diversions to pedestrian crossing, a partial lane closure on Tottenham Court Road and bus stop suspensions. The loading bay and bus stop in front of Fitzroy Court will be partially suspended on Thursday and Friday.

These initial works are expected to be completed by the end of June.

Read our latest press release here

Timetable of works 5th March – 29th March here

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