Controlled parking zone orders

Controlled parking zones (CPZs)

CPZs have been introduced throughout the borough in order to optimise the use of kerbside space. Each CPZ has a designation code beginning CA- followed by a letter. 

Map of CPZs

Each CPZ has its own traffic order which set out the rules relating to:

  • Residents Permit / Permit Holders bays
  • Paid for parking bays
  • Shared-Use bays

The orders also designate specific lengths of kerbside space as being reserved for these uses.

Please note that there are other types of parking bays in the CPZ which are reserved for specific users and may be restricted 24 hours a day.

You must check the sign adjacent to the bay to ensure that you are entitled to park there. You may received a penalty charge notice if you park in a bay you are not entitled to use.

Traffic order by CPZ



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