Parking suspension FAQs

Where can I find further information on why bays are suspended?

Parking bay suspensions are granted for a number of reasons. The criteria and power to suspend is set out in a Traffic Management Order. Common grounds are as follows:

I am carrying out building works and need on-street parking but do not need a specific bay, what permit do I need?

This will allow you to use a residents’ parking bay or yellow line near the works.

Why is there a short warning period for a suspension?

We require that applications are made 17 days before a suspension in order that we can provide on-street warning well in advance. However we recognise that there may be instances where this notice period cannot be met. Parking bays may be suspended at any time, it is therefore the responsibility of each motorist to check nearby signage. The most common reasons for late on-street notifications are:

  • Domestic removals – a confirmed move date is often not known well in advance
  • Skips – the shorter licence application period limits the available suspension warning
  • Works – either of a statutory nature and/or on urgent safety grounds

We encourage residents to sign-up for our courtesy email alert service which can provide an additional pre-warning on top of the normal vehicle and street checks you undertake.

The bay is suspended and no works are going on, what can I do?

If reported, we will contact the applicant to see if the suspension is still in use. If possible the bays will be brought back into use with a 'return to service' sticker while arrangements are made to remove the yellow sign itself. 

Please bear in mind with some suspensions, such as removals and deliveries, the visible use may be intermittent but bays must still remain clear. If we are informed that the suspension is still required it will remain in place and parking is not allowed irrespective of visible works.

I want to contest a penalty charge I received in a suspended bay?

If you wish to contest a PCN or removal you must complete the standard appeals procedure as stated on the back of your PCN. This is a statutory process with the ultimate right of appeal to an independent adjudicator.

What do I do if someone is parked in my suspended bay?

Please contact us as we may be able to take enforcement action or use the vehicle details to contact the owner.

How can I extend/cancel my suspension?

Please quote the reference of your suspension and the new finishing date. Please bear in mind we still need processing time to action your request.


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