Cashless parking

Cashless parking is a quick and secure way to pay for parking in Camden. Instead of having to put money in a payment machine, you can use your mobile phone to call, text or use an app. 

If you need to stay for longer than your initial payment, the service allows you to top-up your parking time to a maximum time limit without having to return to your vehicle. 

How do I use cashless parking?

New customers

You can register in advance or when parking on-street and only takes a few minutes. When you sign up you will be asked to enter your credit/debit card details and your vehicle registration number.

Existing customers

Can I still pay by cash?

Yes, you can still pay by cash - the payment machines will continue to operate.

Request a receipt for your paid for parking session

Request a refund for your paid for parking session

Paying on the street

You don't need to speak - key in the five digit location code corresponding to the bay where you are parking. The location codes will be clearly displayed on the timeplate for that bay. You will also need your registered payment card with you.

Reminder texts

With cashless parking, you can choose to receive reminder texts for a small charge of 10p so that you always know when your parking session is about to end. No longer do you need to hurry back to your vehicle as you can use your mobile phone to top up from wherever you are.

How does it work?

What’s in it for me?

  • convenient, no more hunting for change
  • more choice about how to pay
  • easy top up payments from wherever you are without the need to return to your vehicle (up to the maximum stay period)
  • optional expiry reminders before your parking runs out

Frequently asked questions

What is cashless parking?

Cashless parking is a quick and secure way to pay for parking in Camden. Instead of having to put money in a payment machine, you can use your mobile phone.

Where can I use cashless parking?

Cashless parking will be available in paid for parking and shared use bays throughout the borough.

How do I register?

Alternatively you can register at the time you park or register even if you do not want to park now by calling: 020 3003 2532.

When you phone for the first time, you will be asked for the following:

  • Your vehicle registration number
  • Your payment card details
  • The five digit location code of the bay you are parked in (there is a different number for each on-street parking area and this number is clearly displayed on signs).

Once registered, you will receive a text with your username and password. Use these details to log on to the client pages

How much will it cost to park with cashless parking?

Cashless parking costs the same as normal cash parking using a payment machine, and there is no service charge for setting up or extending a parking session. The optional reminder and confirmation texts cost 10p per text plus standard network charges.

How do I pay for my parking session?

  • Call 020 3003 2532
  • Use an iPhone, Android or mobile phone with internet access
  • online:
  • When you first register, you can choose to pay for parking by using one of the following credit or debit cards: Visa, MasterCard or Maestro.

Your parking history, including the charges, are accessible from your customer pages via the cashless parking website.

How do I know which location code to enter? Where can I find the location code?

The five digit location code will be clearly displayed on the timeplate for that bay.

When do the parking charges apply in a cashless parking bay?

Cashless parking bays operate in exactly the same way as paid for parking bays. The hours of control when payment is required will be clearly displayed on the timeplate for that bay.

Blue Badges - do I still get a free additional hour of parking in the Green Badge zone once I have paid for parking by phone?

Yes, the concessions that apply for Blue Badge holders in paid for parking bays in our central London Green badge zone still apply for Blue Badge holders using cashless parking and displaying their Blue Badges.

An initial payment for parking must be made before the free hour of parking is granted.

Can I cancel a parking session early and get a refund for unused parking time?

No. As with payment machines, payment is made upfront for parking and cannot be refunded.

How long can I park for?

You should check the time plate for that space to find out what the maximum allowed parking period is.

Can I extend my parking session?

Yes, you can, providing that you do so before your session expires. If you try to extend your session after your initial session expires you will not be able to do so. Also, a session cannot be extended where the combined time purchased exceeds the maximum allowed stay at the location. When a parking session expires you are required to move your vehicle to another location and cannot return to the location first used within one hour.

How can I get a Paid for parking receipt?

Request a receipt for your paid for parking

How will the civil enforcement officer know that I have paid?

Civil enforcement officers make sure a driver has paid for his or her parking by an electronic check of the vehicles registration number using their hand held devices.

Terms and conditions

The conditions of use for parking in a paid for parking bay are displayed on the nearest payment machine.

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