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magnolia tree

Tree appreciation

There are over 28,000 trees in Camden. To help you enjoy some of the very special trees, we've developed some self guided tree walks. You can download tree walks from further down the page

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Camden would be a far less pleasant place to live without the presence of all of the trees in the streets, on the housing estates and in the parks.  Many of these are spectacular sights to see, shrouding eyesores, reducing air and water pollution, and contributing to the atmosphere and tranquillity of the valuable green spaces which give balance to the hustle and bustle of the Capital.

These self-guided tree walks have been created by Camden’s tree section to allow you to explore this exciting part of Camden in pursuit of trees.

The walks will take you through back streets, gardens, squares and parks and direct you toward trees of interest and beauty and providing you with some information about the various species of tree found in the borough.

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