There are a number of teams within Leaseholder Services carrying out a wide range of tasks relating to the management of Camden’s leasehold properties.

Assignment and Sales Team

There are 5 officers in the team who primarily deal with:-

  • Right to Buy/Social Homebuy applications
  • Providing information for leaseholders who are selling their flats
  • Providing information for re-mortgaging
  • Registering lease Transfers
  • Registering sub-let properties
  • Managing Service Charge Loans
  • Charges at Land Registry
  • Responding to requests for lease copies
  • General advice to leaseholders on the above

Leasehold Admin Team

Consisting of 3 officers this team provides general advice to all leaseholders on lease matters including lease extensions, freehold purchase, alterations and issues arising from head leases.  The team administer:-

  • Statutory enfranchisement applications
  • Voluntary freehold sales
  • Applications form leaseholders to carry out alteration* to their flats
  • Lease changes by deed of variation and deed of rectification
  • Recognised Tenants Associations
  • The Council’s buy back policy
  • Administering demands from freeholders for payment of rent and service charges

The Court Team

There are 3 Court Officers who provide officers in Leaseholder Services with advice about the lease in relation to the provision of services, recharging for services, the recovery of charges and any related disputes. Court Officers tasks include:-

  • Managing the Camden Major Works Solution  scheme
  • Representing Camden during Mediation
  • Representing Camden at the First Tier Tribunal(Leasehold Valuation Tribunal)
  • Representing Camden in Court

Leasehold Accounts Team

This is an accountancy based team consisting of 9 officers who are responsible for calculating annual service charges.  The majority of the team’s costs are recovered via the Certification, Accounting and Auditing charge (CA and A) and the remainder is funded by tenants’ rents.  Key functions include:-

  • The calculation of estimated and actual service charges annually
  • The calculation of heating charges relating to the Heating Pool and the determination of charges for individually metered properties. The apportionment of all fuel related costs. 
  • Facilitating account inspections, and assisting with the collation of information for FTT and Court cases.

Collections Team

There are 12 officers in the Collections Team who deal with:

  • Service charge account queries
  • Collecting service charges
  • Answering queries and resolving disputes
  • Taking telephone payments

Debtors Team

There are 4 officers in the team whose duties include:-

  • Carrying out the day to day banking for the reconciliation of customers’ service charge accounts
  • Produce and issue invoices
  • Manage the standing order process
  • Dealing with leaseholders’ enquiries about service charge payments

Consultation and Final Accounts Team

The team includes 18 officers who carry out the following tasks:-

  • Sending formal consultation notices about building repair, renewal & maintenance works and new service contracts being proposed
  • Responding to observations about consultation notices and general enquiries from leaseholders about major works
  • Calculating and sending estimated invoices once works commence
  • Calculating and sending final account adjustments once works are completed
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