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Future works

External cladding

Camden committed to remove cladding panels from the Chalcots Estate when the cladding panels failed Building Research Establishment (BRE) combustibility tests in June. Further whole system testing by BRE reinforced the failure of the panels used on the Chalcots, confirming the need to remove them from all five blocks. 

We will first be completing preliminary works, removing the cladding system, from the bottom two floors of Blashford and Burnham so that we can assess the removal process and set out a plan to begin taking down the rest of the cladding, starting in October.

The full removal of cladding is a large technical operation that will take several months. It is important it is carried out safely and that we ensure the exterior and interior of the blocks is protected. We will be using mast climbers to undertake these works, this means rising platforms will be erected around the blocks. We are using this method to ensure the ongoing safety of residents and allow easy entry to the blocks for the duration of the works. 

It is important to know what replacement options there might be once the cladding has been removed, we have appointed a specialist design team to come up with the correct safe solution for the Chalcots Estate. The council is committed to keeping residents involved at every stage of the cladding’s removal and the options for replacement as they develop. 

We understand some residents have concerns about the removal of the full cladding system. This is why we are completing the preliminary work on all blocks, so that our expert design to can assess any risks and put in place plans to mitigate the impacts of cladding removal. 

You can read Councillor Georgia Gould, Leader of Camden Council’s statement on our cladding systems here.

Fire door replacement

All flat entrance front doors will be replaced with fire doors providing up to 60 minutes of fire containment. 

These doors are certified to the nationally recognised PAS 24 standard, include a dual bolt Yale lock, three point deadlock and are ‘secure by design’.

We will begin installing these new doors in blocks in September. We will be contacting you to make an appointment to replace your door in the next few weeks, we aim to minimise disruption and arrange a time that is suitable for you. 

Residents interested in seeing the new doors are invited to the site office at the base of Bray. Here, a sample door has been set up as it would be in the entrance to your home. There are also staff and information boards at the site office that will be able to answer any questions you may have. 

Smoke alarms and heat sensors

As an added safety measure we are also installing smoke alarms and heat sensors in all flats. Smoke detectors will be fitted in every room except the bathroom and the kitchen, a heat sensor will be fitted in the kitchen. The sensors are wirelessly connected to each other - this means if one sensor in the flat is activated then all of the sensors will be activated. 

When your alarms are installed you will be shown how the system works and how it can be reset. The smoke alarms have a battery life of ten years. 

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