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The safety of residents is our top priority and we know there are residents that have questions about the works that have been undertaken or are due to take place. 

We will be running drop-in information sessions for Chalcots residents to address any concerns and answer your questions. We will be announcing the date and location of next session shortly. 

On Sunday 23 July we completed the works required by the London Fire Brigade to allow you to return home. 

Completed works

  • Communal area fire doors have been upgraded or replaced
  • Flat entrance doors have been fitted with overhead door closers and repaired or replaced as necessary
  • Fire retardant insulation has been installed around gas work and cable trays
  • Stairwell doors now have smoke seals or strips on the edges
  • Basement and garage areas have been assessed to ensure compartmentation and fire stopping is sufficient
  • Ventilation grilles were checked to make sure automatic opening vents were working properly and we carried out any repairs.

Works were signed off by independent building control inspectors and approved by the London Fire Brigade. You can read more about completed works here.

Ongoing safety measures

We are currently implementing further fire safety measures across the Chalcots Estate. We are doing this to bring your blocks up to an enhanced standard of fire safety. These include:

  • Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) and the installation of fire blankets in all flats. 
  • Checks to communal areas with fire wardens remaining on site.
  • Enhanced fire risk assessments undertaken by independent BAFE (British Approvals for Fire Equipment) accredited surveyors. These inspections go above and beyond usual fire safety inspections and we have asked them to inspect both communal areas and the interiors of some resident’s flats. We have asked for this because we want you to be assured about the safety of your home.  

You can read more about ongoing safety measures here and more about the enhanced fire risk assessments here

Future works

We are also undertaking a wider programme of fire safety works on the Chalcots Estate. This programme includes:

  • From early September we will be undertaking preparatory works removing the cladding system from all blocks so that we can assess the removal process and set out a plan for taking down the rest of the cladding. We have appointed an expert design team to help us remove the cladding and find a safe solution for its replacement. You can read more about the cladding removal here
  • Starting in September, the replacement of all front entrance doors with fire doors. You can read more about the door replacement programme here.

We will be publishing a full schedule of future works online shortly. 

If you have any issues or concerns about the work that has been done in your building, to your front door, or in your flat please call our Chalcots Estate team on 020 7974 4444 (option 7)

Resident support

If you have issues or concerns you can contact your Housing Officers. Housing Officers for the Chalcots Estate are:

Annie Freeman, call 020 7974 6581, or email 
Ramona Damiean, call 020 7974 6609, or email

There are a number of support services you can access if you feel stressed or anxious, you can find more information here.

Residents can access a dedicated Chalcots residents’ line via Contact Camden at 020 7974 4444, option 7 (24 hours a day).

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