Core strategy

The Camden Local Plan is proposed for adoption June 2017. Once adopted, it will become part of the statutory development plan for the borough and supersede policies in the Core Strategy.

The information below provides further details about our core strategy, including when it was adopted and how it was prepared.

What is our core strategy and when was it adopted?

Our core strategy helps us to define and plan for the future of the borough by:

  • contributing to achieving the vision and objectives of our community strategy
  • helping our partners and other organisations deliver relevant parts of their programmes
  • covering the physical aspects of location and land use
  • addressing factors that make places attractive, sustainable and successful (such as social and economic matters)
  • balancing the needs of residents, businesses and future generations

Our core strategy was adopted at a Full Council meeting on 8 November 2010:

Please note that paper copies of our core strategy are available for inspection at Pancras Square Library

How was our core strategy prepared?

It took almost three years to prepare our core strategy and development policies. The information within this section will help you understand the various activities involved in the preparation of these documents (from gathering background information and consulting with the public to having the documents formally adopted), as well as providing links to related reports and proposals.

What information and studies were used in the preparation of our core strategy?

In the process of preparing our core strategy and development policies, we collected a wide range of information and commissioned a number of studies (also known as the ‘evidence base’). A selection of related evidence and supporting documents can be found within this section. (link to evidence base and monitoring page)

Where can I find out further information?

For further information on our core strategy, please contact the Duty Planner

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