Major developments

The information in this section explains what a major development is, how you can find out more about major developments in the borough and how you can get pre application advice for your major development.

What is a major development?

A major development is development which provides:
• 10 or more houses or flats or
• buildings where the floor space to be created is 1,000 square metres or greater.

How can I find out more about major development that might affect me?

• We encourage developers to consult with the local community before a formal application is submitted.  One way of doing this is through a Development Management Forum

• Once an application is received we will consult in accordance with the guidelines in the statement of community involvement.

Large scale major development in Camden

Site/area Status
King's Cross Central In progress
High Speed 2 Proposed
Community Investment Programme In progress

How do I get pre-application advice for a major development?

Because major developments are often complex or sensitive we encourage you to discuss your proposals with the planning service as part of the major development pre-application service before making an application.

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