Development management user group

Our Development Management user group (formerly Development Control user panel ) was set up to look at ways to improve the service that we offer.

The information below further explains the purpose of the group, provides details of current members, and access to minutes and presentations from recent meetings.

What is the purpose of our DM user group?

We set up our DM user group in 1997 to draw on the experience of a range of people who have used our development management services.

The group meets to discuss and feed back ideas and priorities for ways we can improve the service.

Who sits on our DM user group?

Members of our DM user group include representatives from local amenity, resident and other groups, planning consultants, architects, developers, local businesses and those who regularly make or comment on planning applications.

How do I join the DM user group?

Current member

Members attend three meetings a year and serve on the group for a period of between one and three years, although the average membership is two years.

We replace about a third of members every year and always welcome new members. If you are interested in becoming a member of our development management user group, please contact the forward planning and projects team.

What DM user group meetings have recently been held?

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