Play Streets

How do Play Streets work?


Play Streets are community led and run.

To set up a Play Street you need to apply to the Council giving details of the road (or portion of road) to be closed and how often, such as the first Sunday of every month.

The Council assesses the application and advertises the proposed Play Street in the press. 


If your application is successful, we will write to inform you that your Play Street can go ahead.

Once approved, Play Streets can be run and used all year round.


Adult supervision of the Play Street is required at all times during the Play Street event .

You may want to identify volunteers to do this this when you discuss setting up a Play Street with your community.

Street signs

Camden Council provides road closure signs to be used on each of the Play Street days,  and high visibility vests for volunteers.

Residents are responsible for storing the signs and setting them up on the day.


Play Streets are for local residents and their children to enjoy, but you are free to invite children from neighbouring streets.

Residents who apply are totally responsible for the event and liable for any issues arising.

Have fun and enjoy playing out!

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