Play Streets

Play Streets

Play is an essential part of childhood and is fundamental to children’s physical, social and psychological well-being and development. Play Streets are being promoted within Camden to provide children with the opportunity to play actively and safely within their own neighbourhood.

A Play Street is an event where a road is closed off to traffic for a few hours on a regular basis in order to provide children with a safe space to play freely. Play Streets are organised, managed and run by local communities themselves, with the Council offering advice and organising the closure of the road to traffic.

Play Streets is a project run jointly by teams from Transport Strategy; Public Health; Culture and Sport; and Children, Schools and Families.

Benefits of Play Streets:

  • Safe play 

Play Streets give children more opportunities to play, in a safe space and   
close to their homes. 

  • Bringing communities together 

Playing on the street is a chance for residents to come together and for   
everyone to get to know their neighbours. 

  • Increased physical activity and social play

 Play Streets help children to be physically active and healthier, learn about    
 their street and neighbourhood, while having fun together.

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