Camden financial challenge

By 2018/19 Camden’s funding from central government will have been cut in half. This means making tough choices about funding local services.

Watch this video to find out more about our financial challenge. 

Please note that since this video was produced, our budget gap has increased and we now have a savings programme in place totalling £78 million to be delivered by 2017/18. 

In 2014, we held our biggest pre-budget engagement exercise ever giving thousands of you the opportunity to put forward your views on how we tackle our financial challenge together.

This included nearly 40 public events and meetings, an online survey on our website and social media, a pull out and feedback form distributed with our residents magazine to over 105,000 homes and a dedicated email address. Nearly 2,500 of you gave your views.

We reviewed what you told us and developed proposals for £43 million of savings, spanning the full range of local services funded by us. These proposals were agreed by Cabinet in December 2014. Before this, in September 2014, Cabinet agreed £30 million of ‘back-office’ savings (such as reducing the number of managers and numbers of agency staff). We have also made extra savings from our waste contract and in December 2015 Cabinet agreed further savings bringing us up to the £78 million of savings.

What next? 

We are in the process of carrying out formal statutory consultations wherever necessary on changes to specific services to involve users in the detailed development of proposals. You can find out more about these on the ‘Changes to Services’ page.

Your views are important, so in many cases, even where formal consultation isn’t required, we will ask you for your thoughts. We are also considering the individual and cumulative equalities impacts of the proposals on residents.

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