Making a claim against the Council

If you have suffered an injury and/or property damage, and you consider the London Borough of Camden to be responsible, please print off the relevant claim form below, complete and sign the form and email it to:

Please think carefully before making a claim. Any claim will ultimately have to be paid for from council resources. The cost of processing unsuccessful claims is a drain on staff time and diverts resources from front line services.

In some cases you may have other insurances that cover the relevant damage or injury. Your own insurance company may be able to assist you in such cases. They would usually be able to do so more quickly and without any future premium penalty or, in the cases of property losses, without deduction for wear and tear, as would normally be applied to a liability property damage claim.

If you are a Camden tenant and have your contents insured through Allianz Insurance and wish to make a claim via this Policy, please contact Rent Support in the usual way. Allianz Insurance is provided through Rent Support.

Access to the online claim form should not be seen as an admission of liability on behalf of the London Borough of Camden. Completion of this form should not be construed as a right to compensation. The Council will only pay compensation where evidence of negligence or a breach of statutory duty on behalf of the Council and/or its employees exists.  Each claim will be investigated fully and judged on its individual merits.

The Council will not consider claims that are a result of the negligence of contractors.

Please make sure you read and follow the instructions detailed on the claim form. This will ensure that your claim is handled efficiently and a prompt settlement decision can be made.

In order to manage expectations in terms of the time-frame for handling any claim, the Council follows the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR). Therefore we will meet the following deadlines:

  • Acknowledgement of claim within 21 days
  • The Council has 3 months from acknowledgement of your claim to investigate the circumstances that gave rise to your claim and provide a response on liability.
  • In addition to the deadlines imposed by the CPR the Council will endeavour to respond to any correspondence from you within 14 days.

If you have any queries with regards to the claims process, please contact the insurance team

    Portal claims made against the council are handled in-house. As such, all new Portal claims should be made directly against the council via the Claims Portal (Portal ID: G00549).

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