About Camden's complaints service

A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction with our services, whether justified or not.  We want to give our service users a fair, consistent and structured process to get a remedy for failures in the delivery of our services.

We will use the outcome of complaints and any remedial action as a positive method of monitoring performance and improving our services.  We recognise and value all of the people who live in Camden.  Our objective is to break down barriers to complaining to make sure everyone can use the complaints policy.

The formal complaints policy is based on the principle of a two-stage process.  The complaints policy will apply both to services we provide and to services where we have a responsibility, such as contracted services.

Local Resolution by service department (maximum duration 20 working days)

A system for handling complaints at the point of service delivery.

Review stage (maximum duration 25 working days)

A system for the Central Complaints Unit to review the outcome of a Local Resolution complaint.

When replying to a complaint, we will inform the complainant of any right of further redress, such as:

  • Housing Ombudsman and Local Government Ombudsman (after Review stage)

Complaints to the Housing Ombudsman and Local Government Ombudsman

If you are still dissatisfied by the outcome of your complaint after you have been through the Councils internal complaints process (both stage one and review stage have been completed), you may wish to complain to the Ombudsman. Details about how you can complain to the relevant Ombudsman service will be explained in your review stage response letter. The Housing Ombudsman and Local Government Ombudsman are independent from the Council.

Complaints by Councillors and Members of Parliament

The complaints policy is intended for individual citizens to seek redress. Councillors and MPs may bring a formal complaint by acting as their constituent’s advocate.

Special Cases

We intend, where possible, to allow a complaint to be dealt with under this procedure. The only exceptions relate to some statutory and legal limitations. Some examples are:

  • A Town and Country Planning appeal against refusal of planning permission
  • A complaint where the customer or the council has started legal proceedings or has taken court action but not cases where a customer has simply threatened to start legal proceedings against the council
  • A complaint that has already been heard by a court or tribunal, including the council's benefit review procedure
  • A complaint about adult social care or children’s issues covered by the statutory procedures
  • A school admission or exclusion appeal
  • A staff complaint about a personnel matter, including appointments, dismissals, pay, pensions and discipline (but not from staff as service users)
  • A complaint about council policy or an insurance matter
  • A complaint about the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice by Parking Services (except administrative issues) and the recovery process thereof, which are subject to a separate appeal process
  • A complaint against the refusal of disabled badges for parking exemption (where a special appeal process applies)
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