Camden Town - living places

Making Camden Town safer, cleaner and greener.

We have been awarded £3 million from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister's liveability fund.

This extra cash boost will be focussed on delivering improved services around Camden Town to make the streets and open spaces of Camden Town 'safer, cleaner and greener'.

Why the Camden Town area?

Camden Town was chosen as it is the largest of the borough's town centres and has a large residential population and a vibrant night-time entertainment scene centred around its market and music venues.

The markets have become the fourth largest tourist attraction in London attracting over 100,000 people at weekends.

A popular town centre can create problems for the local community. Residents and local businesses have been telling us that they are worried about the quality of the environment, crime, anti-social behaviour, noise nuisance, litter and traffic congestion.

This funding can be used to tackle some of these concerns and improve residents' quality of life.

What’s been done so far?

Our newsletter contains the latest information on the project, including what’s been done so far and what’s happening next:

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