What if I want a same day burial?

Please contact us as soon as possible to book an appointment.

Book an appointment

You normally still need to register the death first, to get the green certificate required for the release of body. We provide an appointment system between Monday-Saturday to make sure we can complete registrations promptly.

Where a burial is planned for the same day but we no longer have appointments available, we will normally still make efforts to see you as soon as possible. You may, however, have to wait longer in our reception than those with appointments.

If someone has died on a weekend or public holiday after our Saturday opening hours, and you intend to bury them on the same day, then you should call our out of hours service. This provides a limited facility for a registrar to meet you to provide the green certificate for burial to go ahead in straight-forward cases where there is no question of potential coroner involvement.

Please see our contact details and opening times

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