Camden business charter

Investing in business infrastructure

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We want Camden to be well connected, attractive, safe and clean to help your business and employees to thrive. We work with the public and private sectors to improve our commercial areas, cut crime, reduce impact on the environment and lower costs by sharing resources.

Public space and transport 

We improve the quality of public space and transport links to encourage walking and cycling and public transport use, attract more people to commercial areas and get them staying for longer. The West End Project and improvements in Camden Town are already underway and we are working with Transport for London to encourage improvements at key tube stations such as Holborn and Camden Town.

Improving digital infrastructure

We have introduced public WiFi access across our busiest commercial areas and we are working with our telecoms companies to increase our 3G/4G mobile phone network coverage. We are also working with infrastructure providers to improve access to superfast broadband across the borough, including the leasing of rooftop space to alternative network providers. We’re also beginning to work with developers to ensure major new developments are compliant with new digital regulations and the Mayor’s infrastructure plan.  

Working together to reduce costs

We offer a shared, consolidated delivery service so you can benefit from reduced overheads, emissions and congestion. 

Planning obligations with developers

To improve local infrastructure, we secure contributions from developers to support training, work experience and apprenticeships and to manage on-site construction. We also collect Community Infrastructure Levy from many developments to fund transport, schools and public realm improvements to support new growth. 

Clean and tidy streets

We keep Camden’s streets clean and provide a reliable business recycling and waste service

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