Torrington Place to Tavistock Place Public Inquiry

On 22 February 2017, Cabinet resolved that the proposed Order should be pursued, subject to relevant statutory processes being followed. The Order has the sole effect of reproducing and continuing in force indefinitely the provisions of the experimental traffic order. This included the holding of a Public Inquiry conducted by an independent Inspector, which gave people likely to be affected by the proposed Order the opportunity to make representations on it.

A Public Inquiry for the Torrington Place to Tavistock Place Traffic Order was held over a four week period from Tuesday 10 October 2017 to Thursday 2 November 2017 in the Council Chamber at the offices of the London Borough of Camden.

Please note that the Public Inquiry has now concluded. We would like to thank all of those organisations and individuals who appeared at and participated in the recent Inquiry. We appreciate that this involved a significant commitment in terms of time and energy and are most grateful for your contribution.

See the Inspector’s Report (PDF)

This is the report as received from the Planning Inspectorate on 16 May 2018.  Contrary to the Council's expectation, it wasn't received in a draft form so the Council has not had an opportunity to engage in any fact-checking exercise.  It is therefore published as released by the Planning Inspectorate (subject to the redactions explained below).  

Prior to publishing this Report on our website, the Council has checked that references in the report to individuals which contain personal and/or sensitive data had previously been disclosed in the statements, proofs of evidence and other documents published on the Public Inquiry page on the Council’s website.

The Council has noted that section 7 of the Report (setting out written representations received by the Inspector) contains at paragraphs 7.3.1, 7.4.1 and 7.5.1 personal data that has not previously been published on the Public Inquiry page on the Council’s website. In the interest of publishing the report as soon as possible the Council has redacted the individuals’ names for the moment and will seek to establish from those assisting the Inspector whether the data subjects consent to publication of their personal data on the Council’s website.

See the Parking Orders Notice



Mr Martin Elliott, BSc FIPROW, an independent inspector, was appointed to conduct the Inquiry.  Pauline Butcher was appointed as Programme Officer (PO) for this Inquiry. Her contact details are:

Telephone: 07823 494353


A pre-Inquiry Meeting (PIM) took place on Thursday 31 August and the Inspector has issued a Note of the Meeting (ID3), which the PO has distributed to interested parties.

This website will be updated with the latest documents as issued.

All links lead to PDFs you can view or download unless otherwise stated.

Draft Traffic Order

Draft Inquiry Programme 

Inquiry Documents

ID1 Inspector’s Pre-Inquiry Note
ID2 London Borough of Camden Statement of Case
ID2 A London Borough of Camden Statement of Case list of appendices

    ID2 Appendices

    ID2 References

    Core Documents 

    Statements of Case 

    ID3 Inspectors notes from pre inquiry meeting

    ID4 Proofs of Evidence

    Response Documents

    ID4 Proofs of Evidence List

  • 5/2 University of London Proof of Evidence
  • 6/2/1 London Living Streets Proof of Evidence
  • 7/2 National Union of Rail, Maritime Transport Workers Taxi Branch (RMT) Proof of Evidence
  • 9/2 ILHL Index of Documents
  • 14/2 LTDA Proof of Evidence
  • 15/2 Friends of Tavistock Square Proof of Evidence
  • 16/2 Gordon Mansions Residents Association (GMRA) Proof of Evidence
  • 17/2 Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPP) Proof of Evidence
  • 18/2 Bloomsbury Residents' Action Group (BRAG) 
  • Closing Submissions

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