Road Safety - Motorcyclists


Motorcyclists are at greater risk of collisions than other road users. Particularly those collisions categorised as killed and seriously injured (KSI). In the period 2010-2014 motorcycles made up on average 6 per cent of the traffic in the London Borough of Camden. However, motorcycle casualties made up 19 per cent of all those killed or seriously injured on Camden’s roads. Most collisions involving motorcyclists were either at a T-junction or crossroads, and often involved motor vehicles turning right, across the path of the motorcyclists who were going straight ahead.

Reducing collisions is a top priority for Camden and we take every opportunity to improve road safety where possible. In addition, we provide here some safety tips and advice for riders and drivers alike to contribute to a safer environment.

Are you aged 16 or over and do you ride a motorcycle (or scooter) in the London Borough of Camden?

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