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Electric vehicle permits

We’re committed to tackling climate change and improving local air quality. To help us do this we are encouraging residents to drive electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles are particularly suitable for driving in urban areas like Camden where short distances are covered. These vehicles produce no air pollution emissions and are extremely beneficial in terms of improving air quality. The distance that electric vehicles can travel is gradually increasing due to improvements in battery technology.

Electric vehicles are exempt from the congestion charging scheme, pay no road tax (Vehicle Exercise Duty) and benefit from reduced company car tax.

Source London

Camden is now a member of the Source London charge point network, managed by Transport for London.

Electric vehicle owners that join Source have access to publicly accessible charge points located at supermarkets, on the street, London Underground car parks and car parks all over London.

You can register with Source London, pay an annual fee and receive a card in the post which will unlock any of the Source London charge points to charge the vehicle at no additional cost (parking charges may apply).

Where’s my nearest electric vehicle charging point?

There are now over 30 on-street bays in Camden and many more across London.