Parking bay suspensions

What is a parking suspension?

A parking suspension is where the parking controls, waiting, parking and loading, are suspended and the space is reserved for a particular purpose. A space cannot be suspended for preferential or convenience parking. A parking permission is available for trades parking.  

Read the terms and conditions with guidance before applying.

Suspension signs and email alerts

A suspension is indicated by a bright yellow warning notice which is placed on the post with the sign for that bay. Parking is not allowed until the suspension ends or the display of a ‘return to service’ sticker. 

While on-street signs should be regularly checked, we offer a courtesy email alert service with details of forthcoming suspensions.

 If you believe a suspension is not being used, this can be reported via 020 7974 4444. Please bear in mind that the visible use may be intermittent and a suspension will remain in place if the applicant states it is still needed.

The Council will not take liability for the suspended area being occupied by a vehicle but, where possible, we will assist in getting the vehicle removed. Please contact 020 7974 4444 for assistance.

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