How to activate a visitor parking permit

You can activate a session by:

To use a text message to activate parking you will need to register your mobile number on your Camden Account. Your network provider may charge you for using this service. 

How to format your text message

  1. Enter LBC followed by a space.
  2. Enter the vehicle registration mark followed by a space.
  3. Enter the duration of your stay in multiples of 15 minutes for short stay parking or enter the word DAY for all day parking.
  4. Example should look as follows: LBC GY56THG 30 (for a 30 minute stay) or LBC GY56THG DAY.
  5. Send the text message to 66644 to activate your parking session.
You will receive a confirmation text confirming that your parking has been activated. The text will include the vehicle registration mark, controlled parking zone, parking start and end time and your remaining balance. 

Permits are only available in 15 minute blocks up to 4 hours. A session booked for 31 minutes for example will show on your account as 45 minutes.

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