Blue badge parking permits

Where can I park using my blue badge?

The Blue Badge permit is available to people with a specific physical disability or impairment. It can be used in Greater London excluding:

  • The central area that is the City of London
  • Parts of the London Borough of Camden (near the West End)
  • The City of Westminster
  • The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

These areas have their own guidelines on use of the Blue Badge due to acute traffic and parking pressures with fewer parking spaces available than other areas. The areas do offer their own schemes and have agreed that if a Blue Badge holder parks in a pay-and-display bay or meter bay they will get one hour of free parking added to the time for which payment has been made, provided that the minimum payment required for that particular bay has been made.

Green badge scheme

A green badge is for blue badge holders who live, work or study in the green badge parking zone.

Blue Badge holders may park without charge or time limit in:

  • Blue Badge parking bays (including those within the green badge area)
  • Residents’ parking bays (except in the green badge area)
  • Parking meters and pay-and-display bays, including out of order meters (except in the green badge area)
  • Designated disabled parking spaces and areas reserved for blue badge holders only

Blue Badge holders may park for up to three hours on a single or double yellow line (providing that the clock is also on display) except:

  • Where there is a loading ban in operation
  • In the green badge area
  • In other central London Boroughs

Holders may not park in:

  • Suspended bays
  • Dedicated disabled bays
  • Traders’ bays
  • Business bays
  • Doctors’ bays
  • Taxi stand bays
  • Motorcycle bays
  • Hospital bays
  • Car club bays
  • Coach bays
  • Diplomatic bays
  • Electric charging bays

As the above list is not exhaustive, please also refer to the blue badge scheme rights and responsibilities in England

Congestion charge discount

Individual or organisational Blue Badge holders are eligible for a 100% discount on the congestion charge. Further information on this can be found at the below link:

Blue Badge misuse

The misuse of a Blue Badge is a serious offence. A Blue Badge is only for the use of the holder and is not to be used for the benefit of friends and family. A Blue Badge can only be used if the holder is either the driver or a passenger in a vehicle (this includes carrying out tasks such as collecting prescriptions or shopping on behalf of the holder).

Camden Parking Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) have the authority to inspect Blue Badges and if proof of misuse is detected the badge may be withdrawn, which can also lead to prosecution.

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