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HS2 overview

HS2: how it will affect parking in the borough

You may be aware that the HS2 rail link, connecting Euston station to Birmingham (phase 1) and eventually onto Manchester and Leeds (phase 2) is due to begin construction in the coming months.

It is anticipated works will impact Camden residents, businesses and visitors to the borough for the next 17 years and parking will be affected during this time in several ways:

  • the availability of parking for residents and visitors will be reduced as roads that currently exist become part of the footprint of the new station
  • there will be added congestion on our streets due to machinery and increased traffic
  • new parking locations will need to be found for some of those lost during the works.

Scale of the project

1.2 million tonnes of construction and waste material will need to be removed from the Euston station site as part of the works.

We are working hard to minimise this impact and will release any planned works and the areas they will affect when this information becomes available to us on this page and also more in depth information on the wider HS2 project here

Due to the length of time the works will take we hope you understand that we won’t always be able to anticipate what will be an issue in the future. A solution to parking disruption that assists those impacted now may not be a solution for them in a years’ time.

Let’s work together to ease the disruption

We fully understand the parking impacts that will affect residents, businesses and visitors in those parts of the borough where the HS2 works will have the most impact.

We have been working to identify a number of alternatives for parking where parking places are taken away by the works taking place. Amongst the range of alternatives we are considering are:

  • allowing resident permit holders to park in ‘paid for parking bays’,
  • allowing resident permit holders to park on ‘single yellow lines’ (where access to adjacent properties will not be denied)
  • and, exploring allowing residents to park in adjacent Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) for fixed periods.

We value your opinion on how we can help you during what will be a highly disruptive period and encourage you to contact us with any suggestions you have that may not be listed above, that you feel will lessen the impact on your ability to park that will be viable for us to provide. We also want your views on where we can safely create new parking bays within affected areas of the borough (redundant dropped kerbs marked with a single yellow line for example).

Please email your suggestions and queries regarding HS2 parking related issues to HS2parking@camden.gov.uk

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