Parking enforcement on public/bank holidays

Summer Bank Holiday 2017
 Service Sunday 27/08/17
Monday 28/08/17
Tuesday 29/08/17
 On-Street Normal enforcement until 20:00
Bank Holiday enforcement 07:00 – 16:15

Normal enforcement

Removals Normal enforcement until 12:00
No enforcement
Normal enforcement
 Payment Centre / Car pound
Open 10:00-16:00
Open 08:30 – 19:30
 CCTV Normal enforcement until 00:00

Bank Holiday enforcement

00:01 – 00:00

Normal enforcement

With regard to the above table, please be aware that outside of the stated hours (i.e. 16:15 on the 28 Aug 2017) no enforcement will be carried out.

We operate a consistent approach to public and bank holiday parking enforcement which is set out below. While not all parking restrictions apply, enforcement will still take place where there are safety and traffic flow implications or where the vehicle is causing an obstruction.

Bus lanes and moving traffic restrictions, such as box junctions and banned turns, are enforced as normal on these holidays.

Information about how public and bank holiday enforcement is applied can be found below.


Moving traffic contraventions will be enforced 24/7 throughout the holiday period, with the exception of those restrictions that are not permitted under the relevant Traffic Management Orders (TMO). This is detailed below as public/bank holiday enforcement.

There are two specific exemptions to normal moving traffic enforcement in Camden, these locations will not be enforced on public/bank holidays:

  • Laystall Street pedestrian zone
  • Grafton Road motor vehicles prohibited area

Which parking restrictions are in operation on public/bank holidays?

Certain restrictions will still apply on bank holidays and a penalty charge notice may be issued to vehicles parked in the circumstances and/or locations listed below:

  • Double yellow lines
  • Where a loading ban is in operation (indicated by a single/double yellow line with adjacent kerb chevrons and a nearby sign stating the hours during which loading is not permitted)
  • Bus stops
  • Footway parking
  • Zig-zag lines
  • Parking across a dropped footway
  • Double parking
  • Car Club bays
  • Coach bays
  • Diplomatic bays
  • Dedicated disabled permit holder bays
  • Blue and green disabled badge holder bays
  • Electric vehicle charging bays
  • Suspended bays
  • Cycleways

Which parking restrictions are not in operation on public/bank holidays?

On bank holidays restrictions will not apply and a penalty charge notice will not be issued to vehicles parked in the circumstances and/or locations listed below:

  • Resident or shared use (resident permit or paid for parking) bays
  • Single yellow lines (except where kerb chevrons indicate that a loading ban is in operation as outlined above)
  • Paid for parking bays
  • Business permit holder bays
  • Doctors’ bays
  • Loading bays
  • Market trader permit bays
  • Motorcycle bays


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