Cycle parking

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We are constantly trying to provide good coverage across the borough to give you safer places to park your bicycle and will consider installing cycle stands wherever there is evidence of demand.

Lock your bike up

Research carried out by the police suggests that your cycle is less likely to be stolen if it is securely attached to a cycle stand as opposed to railings or signposts.

Where do you want to park your bike?

Sometimes it is not possible to introduce cycle stands where they are needed because the pavement is not wide enough or they cause an obstruction to pedestrians or street cleaning machines, (remember, the amount of space needed for a cycle stand includes the size of the stand with a bicycle attached to it).

As a rough guide we would consider installing stands on a pavement that is at least 3.3m wide, where they do not cause obstruction to pedestrians.

Suggest a location

If you would like to suggest a location for a cycle stand, please contact transport strategy team with the street name and the nearest building number.

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