Winter weather

Snow and gritting

Where we grit

Grit is spread on priority routes and footpaths across the borough. These include transport hubs, main roads, bus routes and the road network around schools, hospitals and emergency service depots. We don’t have the resources to grit every road across the borough and we prioritise the ones we do based on a number of factors. We aim to grit as many streets as possible where resources and weather allows. This is part of a wider network agreed across London to keep the capital moving.

It’s likely that we’ll grit a road or footpath when the temperature drops to one degree centigrade or below. We make decisions on when to grit the roads based on the temperature of the road surface and moisture conditions, not the air temperature. This could mean that you wake up to a frost but find that roads haven’t been gritted.

If there is a grit supply shortage nationwide then the government can prioritise and restrict where grit can be used. If the government imposes restrictions in London, then we may have to limit gritting to the routes shown on the Camden resilience network map.

Parks may remain open during snow and icy periods. Snow and ice removal is not undertaken in all parks or on all paths. Grounds Maintenance contractor staff will be redeployed to snow clearance operations in specific locations. Signs will be placed on park entrances for more information.

Grit bins

There are over 170 grit bins in Camden, which residents are welcome to use to grit public roads and footpaths. Remember, please don’t remove grit for use on private paths or drives. We have a limited supply. If your grit bin is empty, contact environment services. We will try our best to refill it within 24 hours, when weather conditions and resources allow.

We’re also offering free shovels to local community groups and residents to help clear snow and ice from footpaths this winter.

Tips for clearing snow and ice

When and how we grit

Between November and March, we receive three daily weather reports from the Met Office and 2-5 day forecasts, helping us decide when and where we’ll need to grit roads and footpaths.

Here are a few gritting facts and figures:

  • We have access to over 1,000 tonnes of grit
  • We have five gritting lorries to grit major roads
  • We have over 170 grit bins placed across the borough
  • We have over 100 personnel on hand for manual gritting throughout the day
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