Integrated working (IW) information for parents, carers, children and young people

Information for parents and carers

Information for parents and carers

What is integrated working?

Integrated working is a new way of working to better support children, young people and their families.

Sometimes your child and family need advice or support from a number of different people and organisations. Perhaps you need support from a health visitor or GP, a school teacher or learning mentor, a housing officer or community worker. Integrated Working means that even if you have different workers from different organisations, all your workers will work together as one team to give your family the support you need.

Integrated Working helps to give a voice to the child and family and means that all the people working with you will involve you in the decisions made about what support they should give you. To help the different people working with you to work in this new way, they can use the CAF, Lead Professional and Team Around the child/young person.


  • helps people working with you and your family to find out what works well for you and what you need help with - this will be recorded on the CAF and you will be asked to sign it when it is finished
  • helps you and people working with you to decide what support would be best for you
  • makes sure you don’t have to repeat the same story to different workers as ehat you tell them will be shared between the workers if you agree
  • older children may feel able to discuss their situation on their own with the worker. So a young person’s wish to keep information confidential from parents may be respected by the worker, where this is in the young person’s best interests
  • download: Parent and Carer Friendly CAF

Lead Professional and Team Around the Child/Young Person

  • having a Lead Professional means that this worker will be the only one you need to contact about any questions about the CAF, support for you, etc
  • the Lead Professional will make sure that everyone supporting you work well together and that you get the correct information and advice
  • the Lead Professional may also arrange for you and people working with you to attend a Team Around the Child Meeting where you can discuss who should be the Lead Professional (if this has not already been agreed), what help you/your child would like and agree a plan about what will happen next and who will do it

Information leaflets

Translations of CAF information leaflets for parents and carers

We also have the following resources:


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