Simpler and cleaner parking in Camden

Camden Council's changes to parking in the borough will help improve air quality, reduce congestion and simplify charges.

Changes to resident permit charges will mean that residents with the lowest polluting vehicles will pay slightly less for their permits but those with more polluting vehicles will pay more.

Residents will be able to purchase their annual visitor permit allocation of hours in one go rather than having to make a purchase every three months.

The tiered pricing system for visitor parking will be replaced with a simpler flat rate charge of 90p per hour regardless of how many hours have been purchased. Camden Council has reduced the charge for visitor permits for the elderly and disabled people to a flat rate of 45p per hour.

Demand for parking in Camden outstrips the available kerb space and the Council uses parking policy to balance the demands of residents and their visitors and of businesses.

Changes to parking also include the following:

- A £10 supplement for diesel vehicles has been introduced to highlight the negative impact they have on air quality in the borough
- Reduced price for daily permits for tradespeople and more flexibility when parking
- Free annual car club membership and £50 of drive hours to the first 150 residents who are willing to give up their resident parking permit
- 75% discount on their parking permit for businesses with electric vehicles.

Notes for editors

1. Further information about these and other changes is available at
2. Changes are taking place from 15 April 2012.

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