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Media invite: Launch of pop up shop art gallery

Date:   12/6/09

What: Camden Council, with Camden Town Unlimited, is opening a pop up shop in Camden Town. An empty local shop has been transformed into an art gallery, improving the shopping experience for visitors and preventing a shop front from being boarded up.

Where: 46 Camden Road, NW1

When: 6pm, Thursday 18 June

The Council is committed to helping local businesses and town centres lead us out of the recession.

Pop up shops are an initiative to fill empty shops with art galleries or other types of enterprises. Local businesses have expressed concern about the potential for empty shops to blight local high streets, so pop up shops combat this by filling vacant premises with bright and interesting galleries or businesses.

The pop up gallery at 46 Camden Road will start off by featuring a display of work from American photographer Anthony Epes, called London at Dawn.

For two years Epes travelled in the pre-dawn hours documenting the many facets of London during the sleepy early hours before the chaos of the working day. The photographs provide an inspiring view and show the quiet beauty of a side of the city that is rarely seen.

The businesses are in place for a few weeks at a time before they are changed.

Pop up shops are part of Camden Council’s love your local high street campaign. This aims to promote our high streets and encourage residents and visitors to London to use local independent shops and restaurants and spend their leisure time on our local high streets as well as at the capital's major attractions.

A fund of £10,000 has been provided to Camden Town Unlimited as a partnership with the Council to establish three pilot pop up shops in Camden Town.

We are hoping to open the next pop up shop in Kilburn High Road next month.

Leader of Camden Council, Cllr Keith Moffitt, said:

"We know the current financial climate means that the appearance of our high streets is being affected by shops closing.

"By opening pop up shops we are making our high streets more appealing to shoppers and visitors and drawing people to our local businesses.

"Our love your local high street campaign is urging residents to shop locally and pop up shops will help to draw people to their local shopping areas."

Deputy leader of Camden Council, Cllr Andrew Marshall, said:

 "This is an excellent initiative that will help keep our high streets attractive and visitor-friendly during these difficult economic times. As part of our recession recovery fund, we’re very pleased to be able to help businesses small and large in any way we can."

Camden Town Unlimited chief executive Simon Pitkeathley said:

"As a measure of how seriously we take this issue, we’ve committed up to £35,000, on top of the council’s funding, to establish a series of pop up creative spaces. It’s been far more difficult than I expected when we started out in February, but the results are worth it. This is part of our longer term vision to make Camden Town the creative heartland of London and connect some of our major business and residents with a high street they don’t always feel has anything in it for them."

Camden Council is intending to open up more pop up shops in several high streets including Kentish Town, Finchley Road and Marchmont Street.

Ref Code:   PR 805

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