2006 Camden Council election results

The final party standings in the 4 May 2006 Camden Council elections are:

  • Conservative 14
  • Green 2
  • Labour 18
  • Liberal Democrat 20

The overall turnout was 37.6 per cent. This was up from 28.5 per cent in the previous council elections in 2002.

A full breakdown of the election result - including turnout - for each of the council's 18 wards can be found at - www.camden.gov.uk/vote


Notes to Editors:

For more information contact Camden Council's Press Office on 020 7974 5717

Before the elections the party standings were:

  • Conservative 11
  • Labour 36
  • Liberal Democrat 7

A total of 54 seats were up for election in 18 wards (three per ward).

There were 223 candidates in all. With 54 candidates from each of the following: Conservative Party, Green Party, Labour Party, and Liberal Democrat Party. The remaining seven were made up as follows: 4 Independents, 1 UK Independence Party, 1 Christian People's Alliance, 1 Respect - Against War and Privatisation.

The new Mayor, Leader, Executive members, Overview and Scrutiny Committee and members of other committees like Development Control and Licensing will be agreed at a statutory Council meeting on 24 May.

Contact info

Matthew Cornish

020 7974 6022


Reference code: 06/120
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