Fireworks safety and legal information

Sky lanterns / Chinese lanterns – Are not permitted to be released from Council land

This is due to the following risks:


Whilst releasing sky lanterns isn’t classified as littering they are composed of paper with a wire or bamboo frame that takes time to decompose.


There is a risk that a Sky Lantern will set fire to trees and dry material.  


Potential injury to other site users.  Launching a lantern in any way that results in injuring people or animals, or damage to property can make you liable for criminal charges or civil claims for damages.

There is also the potential that a Sky Lantern could be mistaken for distress flares


Sky lanterns can cause injury, suffering and death to wildlife through ingestion, entanglement and entrapment.

Sky lanterns can scare livestock and other animals.

Safety tips when using Sky lanterns on your own land:

  • Always follow the manufacturer's instructions supplied with the product, with a minimum of two people present when lighting and launching the lantern.
  • Do not use them if you are under the age of 16.
  • Supervise children and animals, and keep them away from the lantern or any naked flame.
  • Make sure the weather conditions are appropriate for launching sky lanterns - only launch when there is no more than a light breeze (5 miles per  hour), and not during a hot period of weather when vegetation may be dry and a fire hazard.
  • Do not launch the lanterns within 30 metres of trees, buildings or other obstacles.
  • Launch only in open spaces – never within 100 metres of crop fields or power lines.
  • Never launch near an airport or airfield.
  • Never tie lanterns together - launch them one at a time.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher or a large quantity of water ready at the launch site in case of any accident resulting in a fire.
  • Lanterns can be harmful to wildlife and the environment, so limit the numbers of lanterns that you launch.


To find out more about the safe use of sky lanterns please follow this link to the Chartered Trading Standards Institute industry code of practise - sky lanterns 

If you have any doubts, never launch a sky lantern – your safety and that of others is the number one priority!

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