Community Trigger – reporting antisocial behaviour

Responding to and tackling antisocial behaviour (ASB) is a key priority for Camden’s Community Safety Partnership.

The council, police, housing providers and other organisations work in partnership with each other and residents and businesses to respond to concerns around ASB.

This work recognises the importance of reducing the risks faced by victims of ASB, especially where the victims are vulnerable.  We would encourage  anyone experiencing ASB to report this to the council, police or their landlord (see details below) as soon as possible, especially if they feel unsafe or have received threats from others.

What is the Community Trigger?

The Community Trigger is a new process that is being introduced as part of the ASB Policing and Crime Act 2014 and is available from October 20th 2014.

The Community Trigger gives victims and communities the right to request a review of any cases where an ongoing problem has not been addressed. The process is designed to make sure that we work together to try and resolve complaints about ASB. The Trigger helps us and you by making sure that no-one suffering the effects of ASB falls through the net. It will also help ensure that everything that can be done is being done.

When can I Trigger?

The Community Trigger can be used when you have made three reports to either the council, police or a registered housing provider about ASB in the last six months.

The Trigger should not be used to report criminal incidents and does not replace the complaints procedures of individual organisations.

How do I Trigger?

To use the Community Trigger you need to contact the Community Safety Service

You will need to provide details of each time you have reported the issue, to who (name, organisation and/or incident reference number) and information about the ASB taking place.  

What can I expect?

Once you have asked for a Community Trigger your application will be assessed and you will receive an initial response as soon as possible. 

If your request meets the criteria then the council, police and other agencies involved will undertake a case review and will contact you further to discuss and explain the next steps that will be taken with appropriate partner agencies. The review of the case will be based on an assessment of whether any actions that have been taken in response to the issues you have reported have been adequate, especially in terms of making any victims of the ASB that may be facing high risks safer.

I don't meet the Trigger criteria, what do I do now?

If this is the first time you are reporting an issue or concern about ASB you can ask for assistance by:

  • Contacting Camden Council on 0207 974 4444
  • Contacting your local police Safer Neighbourhood Team
  • Using the non-emergency police number 101
  • Report crime anonymously via Crime Stoppers on O800 555 111
  • Contacting your landlord if you are a tenant of a registered housing provider.

Remember if there is an emergency or you feel in immediate danger always call 999.

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