Community language materials in libraries

The list does not include CDs or films in any language except Hindi. Larger libraries will have film DVDs in major European languages.

Libraries not listed do not have any community language materials.

Worldwide languages on the internet

You can look for information in languages other than English on the internet. You can search for these websites using the free computers in your local library

Search engines

With the Google Translate language tool you can:

  • Search for websites in other languages, or based in other countries, and instantly translate into the language of your choice – for example, search for “alloy wheels” on German language websites but get all the results translated into Arabic (this may be a very rough translation)
  • Do simple translations of text in western European languages
  • Limit advanced search by language

Google preferences

With Google preferences you can:

  • Set the Google home page
  • Search tools in a language of your choice

Other search engines provide similar services, for example Babel Fish on Yahoo!

Community information

  • – information for refugees and asylum seekers
  • – Citizen’s Advice Bureau provide information in English, Welsh, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Urdu, Czech, Polish, Slovenian, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Slovak, Estonian and Chinese


Local information

  • CINDEX Online is in English but lists community organisations who provide advice and information, translating and interpreting services in other languages

Camden libraries catalogue advanced search

Finding books in other languages

You can find resources around the world through these websites:

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