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Talacre Open Day

We aim to provide a comprehensive gymnastics programme.

Our purpose built facility at the Talacre Community Sports Centre allows us to encourage all ages and abilities to participate within the sport.

Fully qualified and experienced coaching staff are in charge of all the sessions. The club fully abides by the council and British gymnastics policies for health and safety, equity and child protection.

Public sessions - can be drop-in sessions, or may have to be pre booked

Parent and toddler class for ages 0-4 years (duration one hour, drop-in)

Children who are walking will benefit more from these sessions. This is your toddler's first opportunity to explore the delights of gymnastics activity through play. Closely supervised by parent/carer's, this is a safe introduction to soft play equipment, trampoline and other modified apparatus in the gymnastics hall.

Music and a variety of hand apparatus all add to the fun of these sessions.

Pre-school classes for ages 3-4 years (duration 45minutes)

Your child will experience their first structured class in the gym, without parent/carer supervision. Your child will develop the essential, basic foundation skills and memory positions, in a fun and non-competitive environment.

Recreational classes for ages 4-16 years (duration one hour)

These structured lessons provide a wide range of activities for children. These classes promote the overall fitness levels, co-ordination, balance and flexibility, which will help build the confidence of your child. We use all the Olympic apparatus, including the trampoline to encourage variety and develop skill level, in a fun environment.

Each term is dedicated towards a particular goal, including badge work, fund raising events, displays and at least one friendly competition.

Adult recreational classes for ages 16 years and above (duration two hours, drop-in)

This is your chance to explore your real potential as a budding gymnast. Work steadily towards mastering specific skills you have always dreamed of. Beginners and advanced are welcome.

Trampoline for ages five years and above

Trampolining is available for both recreational and competitive squads. Proficiency Awards are used as an introduction to this discipline, with competitive opportunities available to those who wish to represent the club.

We have competitors at national and regional levels.

Advanced and squad sessions - these are by invitation only

Advanced recreation for ages five years and above

Gymnasts are selected from the general gymnastics classes to try more advanced skills. This is once they have mastered the basic foundation skills required to progress a little further and if they show enthusiasm towards the sport.

Display squad for ages five years and above (duration 1-3 hours, monthly payment)

This is for children from our general gymnastics classes who show an aptitude for dance based floor work, tumbling and balancing skills. Sequences are carefully choreographed to music and performed in groups.

Gymnasts will participate in regional competitions and festivals.

Mini squad for ages 3-6 years (duration 1-3 hours)

This is for children from our pre-school classes who show potential. We reinforce all the foundation skills needed to develop them into potential squad gymnasts.

Development squad for ages 5-10 years (Duration two hours and 30 minutes)

Any child showing potential from the general or advance classes will be encouraged to move on to slightly more training. Each child will work towards developing and defining more technical skills, required in gymnastics.

Boys/girls squads for ages five years and above (duration 5-21 hours)

Our squad gymnasts consist of boys and girls who are striving for higher level of participation within the sport. All gymnasts are competitive and regularly represent the borough in competitions and displays.

These sessions require a lot of hard work, body conditioning and stamina in order to perfect the advanced skills required to compete at a high standard. These squads train throughout the year not just term time in order to fully prepare for their competition season.

Our squad gymnasts have produced excellent results at regional, national and international tournaments.


For further information please contact talacre community sports centre gymnastics

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