Outdoor gyms

What are outdoor gyms?

Outdoor gyms are a new way to look at health and fitness. They can include much of the same equipment found in an indoor gym, but the difference is they are specifically designed for outdoor use.

The outdoor gyms are suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels, and you don't need any experience to use them. Best of all, there are no membership fees to pay.

Where's my nearest outdoor gym?

Free outdoor gym sessions with an instructor

Would you like to come along and join a free session led by an instructor?

Kilburn Grange Park

10-11am: Work out with Tim
11am-12noon:  drop in session

Lismore Circus

6 weeks of free taster sessions:
Monday 1–2pm: Work out with Tim
April 24th to June 5th (except 1st and 29th May) 

If you are from a local community group of any kind we can match you up with an instructor to have a session just for your  group.  The equipment is easy to use, but it helps to have someone showing you the ropes. So long as you are over 14 we can work with you. 
This could be a taster session or a full work out – whatever is best for you.

If your group likes the gym, we can train one of your group to be a fitness instructor and keep up the good work. You could get a level 2 qualification with no cost to you, all we ask is that you go back and volunteer to help others use the gym.


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