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Josie's story

Josie taking part
                     in Tai Chi

We spoke to Josie after a Tai Chi session to find out why she enjoys taking part in community physical activity sessions. Josie is 68 and has been attending sessions for the past two years.

Why did you start classes with the active health team?



I had some health problems, was overweight and often felt breathless. My doctor recommended that I try a Healthy Hearts session.

How did you feel about starting to exercise?



I was a bit apprehensive before attending the first session. I thought I wouldn’t be able to do all the exercises and thought it might be too hard. But at the session the instructor, Dru, couldn’t have been more helpful. She was really welcoming and explained what we would be doing in the session. She said that I should just see how much I could do and she would make sure the exercises were suitable for me.

What did you think of your first session?


I surprised myself and really enjoyed it! I quickly made some new friends at the session and it was great to talk to people with similar aims to me.

Which other classes do you do?


I heard about a Tai Chi class that was also taking place and thought it would be good for my balance. In the first session I was hanging onto the wall! But it was great fun and over the next few sessions I started to improve.


I then decided to try the water exercise class which Dru also instructs. This is good because you are exercising in the water. So you get a great workout but your weight is supported by the water.

What would you tell someone who was worried about starting to exercise?


Some of my other friends say they think it would be too hard or ‘exercise isn’t for them’. I always tell them that you only have to do as much as you can do and you will quickly start to feel the benefits.


If you would like to feel fitter and healthier like Josie come along and try one of our activity classes

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