Tips and inspiration for an active lifestyle

Tips for an active lifestyle


Think about why you want to get fit. Are there health reasons? Is there a particular goal you would like to achieve like keeping up with your children or walking up stairs without getting out of breath?

Set yourself short term goals but make sure that they are achievable. Don't say you will go to the gym four times a week if realistically you will not be able to keep it going.


It is important that you consistently achieve your goals if you are going to stay motivated, so exercising for an hour once a week is better than doing a massive blow out session once a month. But don't beat yourself up if you miss a session just make sure you pick it up again – don't leave it for months and feel guilty.

Don't be put off by aches and pains the day after a work out, this is a sign of improvement and they you will ache less and less as you continue with your exercise programme.

Keep it interesting

Don't just opt for the gym if that will bore you; try something different like water exercise, dance, yoga or tai chi

Join a class

Get more active in your day to day life, like getting off the bus a stop earlier and walking, or taking the stairs occasionally instead of the lift – little things will make a big difference to the way you feel physically and mentally.

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