Parks and gardens friends' groups

Friends are voluntary groups of local residents, workers or visitors who dedicate some of their time, energy and effort to caring for and improving their local park, garden or open space.

planting tree

Anyone can join a friends group and give as much or as little time as they want. Friends groups always need new volunteers, whether it's to help organise an event, get stuck in with some planting or just to attend meetings to contribute to plans for the local park.

We value our friends' groups input into the management of parks and open spaces. Such partnerships work to help make our parks safe, clean and well-maintained popular assets to the community. We aim to build trusting relationships with community groups and engage in effective regular communication.

Volunteers are always needed to help with maintaining community gardens. There often less formal gardening projects happening locally. Contacting your tenants or residents association may prove the best first contact point to find out what is happening in your immediate area.

To set up a friends' group in your local open space, contact the green spaces team

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