BBQs in Camden parks

Enjoy a barbeque in a Camden Park

Families and friends are welcome to barbeque (BBQ) in Camden’s parks and open spaces so they can enjoy outdoor cooking.  Many people living in Camden do not have their own gardens, and we want as many people as possible to enjoy our parks over the summer. We only allow portable, reusable charcoal barbeques.  Disposable or gas barbeques are not allowed. Metal bins for cooled charcoal are provided in our parks and open spaces where BBQs are most popular. 

Friends having a bbq

Some of our sites including our cemeteries and nature reserves are not suitable for BBQs.

We do not manage Hampstead Heath or Regents Park and Primrose Hill and barbeques are strictly not permitted at these sites.

We need people to:

  • Use BBQs safely and responsibly
  • Take some water to put out the BBQ
  • Be considerate to other people
  • Dispose of all litter properly and recycle your rubbish where possible
  • Keep children, pets, games and sports well away from the BBQ

If you intend to hold an event with more than 20 people, with promotion, music, sale of food or alcohol please refer to

BBQs are allowed in most public open spaces maintained by Camden.

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