King's Cross Voices

Memories (Wanda Garland)

Born in Krakow where she was introduced to watercolours, Wanda came to London at the age of 14 and attended art college.  She began painting after her children were grown and the regeneration of King's Cross is one of her favourite subjects to paint. She was interviewed in 2006.

“Now, why at King's Cross?  It's very difficult to say… I'm interested in looking at things one behind the other, looking through things, having layers.  I'm interested in the abstract qualities of a subject although my work is very figurative.  It's all mixed up.  My journey as a child, I've always loved trains of course because we travelled by train so much all through the war, we covered some huge distances.  We did journeys by train of over six weeks at a time so I've always had a great feeling for trains and a sense of excitement whenever I see… I think that must have contributed.  I always feel very excited in a railway station and I love looking out of a window of a train… so I think it all combined, fate conspired to bring me to the King's Cross Building Project.  The colour is there.  I then echo it in the rest of it. 

I did nearly all my little sketches peering through railings and working loose the mesh covering they had and peering through.  It's amazing how much you can see from the street, little vignettes of materials jumbled up, that kind of thing.  I love the pulleys, there are many different types of pulleys, they are pendants, jewels, necklaces hanging down. 

I have done it because I live nearby and it is here.  I just connected with it because the backdrop of the stations, the hotels, the continuation of that bridge which comes into many of the paintings where the railway lines are, it runs through them.  It all just made sense to me, related to me, to what I do somehow.  I think everything I have done has led up to doing the King's Cross pictures.  No doubt that will lead to something else.”

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