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Online reference information

These subscription databases are available to Camden Library members by remote access (on your home computer or portable device), unless otherwise stated. You will be asked to enter your 14-digit library membership number in order to access each database.

Encyclopaedias, dictionaries, and other reference information

Includes hundreds of leading publications - Encyclopaedia Britannica, Who’s who? etc.

You could pay for these services - but they are free with your Camden library card number.

Encyclopaedia Britannica

The famous encyclopaedia. Three editions - to age 11, 18 and adults

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography logo

Very readable biographies of people who influenced Britain and died more than three years ago. Even includes how much money each person was worth on death.

Oxford Reference

Oxford Reference Logo

Dictionaries and encyclopaedias, eg dictionaries of law, ecology, African mythology etc. Easy searching offers choice of short or long entries, quotations etc.

Oxford English Dictionary

Oxford English Dictionary logo

The Oxford English Dictionary is a guide to the meaning, history, and pronunciation of over half a million words, both present and past.

It traces the usage of words through 2.5 million quotations from a wide range of international English language sources, from classic literature and specialist periodicals to film scripts and cookery books. It has recently been expanded to include the Oxford Historical Thesaurus.

Oxford Dictionaries Pro

Oxford Dictionaries Pro

Acts as a supplement to the OED; includes expert advice on style, usage, grammar, and spelling; specialist guides for legal and technical writing; and even crosswords and anagram solvers.

Who's Who and Who Was Who

Who's Who and Who Was Who logo

The full up-to-date text of 'Who's Who', the definitive biographical directory of the most influential and noteworthy figures in British public life. 'Who Was Who' is the full archive of former contemporary entries from 'Who's Who', dating back to 1897:

Literature, art and music

You could pay for these services - but they are free with your Camden library card number.

Gale literary

Gale literary logo

Biographies, bibliographies, criticism. Just finished a book? Find out about the author and what others think of their work:

Grove art

Grove art logo

Thirty four volume dictionary and encyclopaedia with links to thousands of pictures. Now also includes the Benezit Dictionary of Artists:

Grove music

Grove music logo

Twenty nine volume dictionary and encyclopaedia with musical examples:


You could pay for these services - but they are free with your Camden library card number:

Guardian/Observer archive

Guardian/observer archive logo

The full, searchable text of The Manchester Guardian (1821-1959), The Guardian (1959 to date) and Britain's oldest Sunday paper, The Observer (1791 to date). Nearly 220 years of history recorded as it happened:


Newsbank logo

Read an article you missed - full text of the main UK papers including tabloids, the Economist, and some Irish and US papers. From 1998 up to a few days ago:

Times Digital Archives

Times Digital Archives logo

Full text and look of paper from 1785-1985 including advertisements. Searchable:

Other databases

Remote access is not available for these subscription databases. They are available on public computers in all Camden libraries.

Ancestry Library Edition

Research your family history on the largest genealogy database available online, which contains more than 5 billion names:

Note: you can only access Ancestry Library edition from the home screen on the public computers in any Camden library. If you need help, please contact a member of library staff.

Lexis Library

A very comprehensive legal database from LexisNexis, including all current UK legislation, much case law and interpretative features:


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