Performance and stage licences for school age children

When is a licence required?

Application for a licence must be signed by the parents and accompanied by a photograph.

We must be satisfied that arrangements for the supervision and protection of the child are adequate, and that the disruption to the child's education is kept to a minimum.


The legislation which demands this licensing is as follows: The Children and Young Persons Acts 1933 and 1963 The Children (performances) Regulations 1968.

Key issues covered by the regulations are:

  • is the child/young person below minimum school leaving age?
  • do they reside in Camden?
  • is there a charge made for admission? 
  • is it within licensed premises? 
  • is it broadcast on T.V ? 
  • is it intended for filming? 
  • is the child/young person fit to take part? 
  • education; consultation with Headteacher if in school time 
  • is the activity safe?

No licence is required under the following circumstances:

  • no payment made to child and they have not taken part in performances in the previous 6 months on more than 3 days 
  • no payment made to child and performance arranged by school 
  • no payment made to child and performance exempted by Secretary of State e.g. Scout Gang Shows.
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