Children, Schools and Families (CSF) directorate

In 2005, we brought together our services for children and young people in a new directorate called Children, Schools and Families.

The Directorate is made up of the services that were in the Education Department, Children's Social Services and the Play Service. The bringing together of services for children and young people was required by the Children Act 2004.

Children, Schools and Families Vision and Direction

Our vision for Camden is one where:

  • children and young people are part of nurturing and self-sustaining families, are supported to get the most out of life and develop the skills and knowledge that they need for life
  • communities are safe, socially cohesive and empowered
  • schools promote high standards, have a child-centred approach to meeting the needs of their learners, and enable their pupils to achieve well, with clear pathways into work, training or continuing education
  • children's services are delivered around the needs of the individual, group or local community

We know that to achieve this vision we need to have strong families, strong schools, strong children's services and strong communities.

We believe that to achieve our aspirations for Camden's children and young people we need to:

  • strengthen the participation and engagement of children and young people
  • work in partnership with parents and carers
  • build social cohesion, promote inclusion and tackle inequality
  • prioritise prevention, earlier intervention and enforcement
  • work in partnership with the voluntary and community sector

Our Strategic Approach: Children and Young People’s Plan

One of the first tasks of the new CSF Directorate was to produce a Children and Young People’s Plan to take effect from April 2006.

It sets out the priorities for delivering services to children and young people in the Borough in conjunction with local partners.

The plan includes priorities for improvement for each of the five Every Child Matters (ECM) outcomes for children and young people:

  • Being Healthy - Helping children and young people to enjoy good physical and mental health and to live a healthy lifestyle
  • Staying Safe - Protecting children and young people from harm and neglect
  • Enjoying and Achieving - Promoting high standards in schools and helping children and young people to get the most out of life and to develop the skills they need for adulthood
  • Making a Positive Contribution - Encouraging children and young people to get involved in their community and not engage in anti-social or offending behaviour
  • Economic Well Being and Quality of Life - Making sure that children and young people can enjoy a standard of living that makes the most of their life chances

The plan is underpinned by a set of challenging targets that enable effective monitoring of progress and evaluation of outcomes. These will incorporate the Council’s statutory targets in relation to services for children and young people.

To achieve these goals we believe that:

  • Ensuring the safety of children and young people is paramount
  • All children and young people should have a secure home, family and community environment
  • Services should be child-centred, respectful of children and young people and of the highest quality
  • All service providers should work together as closely as possible
  • Early intervention and prevention is crucial, so that we act as early as
  • Possible when children and young people need help

The key aims and priorities in the plan are based on close partnership-working with children, young people, parents, carers, schools, Council services and other agencies, such as Diocesan Boards, the police, the Learning and Skills Council, Further Education and Higher Education the Connexions Partnership and health services.

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