Fair lettings

Fees and charges

Since 27 May 2015 letting agents must display the fees they charge to landlords and tenants.

You should not have to ask to see them – they should be clearly displayed in the premises and on their website (if they have one).

The fees need to be broken down so you should expect to see:

  • A description of each fee that is sufficient for you to understand the service or cost that is covered by the fee or the purpose for which it is imposed (as the case may be)
  • Whether the fee relates to each dwelling-house or each tenant under a tenancy of the dwelling-house
  • The amount of each fee inclusive of any applicable tax or, where the amount of a fee cannot reasonably be determined in advance, a description of how that fee is calculated

Agents must also state the following:

  • The name of the redress scheme they belong to
  • Whether or not they are a member of a clients’ money protection scheme

If a letting agent is not a member of a redress scheme please contact the Citizens Advice consumer service to report them to Trading Standards.

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